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    Hollow Body (544)
    7 & 8 String Electric (10)
    12 String Electric (36)
Acoustic Guitars (1081)
    6 String Acoustic (466)
    6 String Acoustic Electric (601)
    12 String Acoustic Electric (8)
    Classical (4)
    8 String Acoustic Electric (2)
Bass Guitars (177)
    Solid Body Basses (121)
    5 & 6 String Basses (49)
    Hollow Body Basses (1)
    Left-Handed Base (5)
Electric Guitar Amps (35)
    Guitar Amp Heads (11)
    Guitar Amp Cabinets (10)
    Guitar Amp Combos (14)
Acoustic Guitar Amps (2)
    Acoustic Instrument Amps (2)
Bass Guitar Amps (7)
    Bass Amp Heads (1)
    Bass Amp Cabinets (5)
    Bass Amp Combos (1)
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Platinum Rooms
Guitar Center: Arlington
721 Ryan Plaza Dr.
Arlington, Texas  76011
Platinum Room Manager: Chris Bonner
Phone: 817-751-4267
Chris Bonner started his career at Guitar Center in 2010, so he could be closer to things he loves most guitars and music. Being a driven person and having great customer service skills Chris quickly became the top salesmen in guitars and the "guy" for Gibson guitars. Chris has had a long love for Gibson his first guitar was a 1972 Gibson SG, that was passed down from his Dad. He has earned three promotions during this time, from Elite Sales Force, to Assistant Manager and now Platinum Manager. Chris has been playing in bands for over 15 years and has toured the US extensively as well as Europe and Japan. During his time playing music He has acquired a wealth of knowledge about guitars, amps and music genres. Chris enjoys a wide range of music from jazz, country and classic rock to even more extreme music types as punk and metal. He feels that having this broad pallet for different music genres helps him have a deeper understanding of tone and allows him to be able to relate to any guitar players needs. Chris wants the Arlington, TX Platinum room to encompass the past, present and future of guitars and amps. At his Platinum room he not only has a large selection of Gibson, Fender and Vintage instruments, but also Jackson Custom Shop, Music Man and Buddy Blaze guitars. As well as Fargen amps, Engl's, Orange and more! Chris enjoys helping people along their musical journey to help them find that right "tone" or just a really awesome new guitar.
Guitar Center: Arlington Heights
2375 S. Arlington Heights Rd.
Arlington Heights, Illinois  60005
Platinum Room Manager: Brett Arney
Phone: (847) 439-4600
Welcome to Guitar Center's Arlington Heights Platinum room. Our service-oriented team of gear experts are ready to find the perfect instrument for you.
Guitar Center: Atlanta
1485 Northeast Expressway
Atlanta, Georgia  30329
Platinum Room Manager: Lee Christenson
Phone: 404-320-7253
Lee Christenson started his Guitar Center career back in 2010, but has been playing music almost his whole life. The first person in his family to pick up music, he chose to start playing guitar around the age of ten years old and has been obsessed ever since. After graduating high school he traveled around the county in various bands and later attended Full Sail University with a degree in Recording Arts. His first guitar was a Fender Telecaster that he played every day. As he became a more seasoned player his obsession with guitars, amps, and pedals also grew. Collecting many Gibson, Fender and Gretsch guitars, as well Bogner, Engle and Vox amps he has amassed a vast knowledge of many major brands of guitars and amps as well as vintage guitars. Lee started out at the Guitar Center in Charleston South Carolina, when he heard about the opening in the Platinum Room at the Atlanta store he knew it was the right place for him. So if you have any guitar related question do not hesitate to contact Lee. He loves helping people make music, whether it is finding your first guitar or getting the custom guitar of your dreams.

Platinum Manager Picks At This Store
Guitar Center: Austin
2525 West Anderson Lane Suite 200
Austin, Texas  78757
Platinum Room Manager: Brenton Tenczar
Phone: 512-541-5139
Brent’s love for making music came naturally. Some would say he was born to play! He first picked-up a guitar at age six in Massachusetts. He is always studying so he can keep current with and share his knowledge regarding anything music related. “Whether it was playing guitar, keys, drums, or bass, I've been blessed to have the opportunity to play on a lot of different stages.” Brent and his lovely wife moved from Western Massachusetts to Austin, Texas. “Every night over one hundred venues stage live music.” Austin's official motto is the "Live Music Capital of the World" and they are both ecstatic to be a part of it! When you have such passion, drive and love for music you follow it…Brent joined Guitar Center in 2007. “What is passion? I define it as something we love and we are excited about. The desire of doing that thing constantly is a passion. I have a passion for all that relates to music! I have a passion to share music and my knowledge of music with others. This is what excites me! This is my passion!
Guitar Center: Boston
1255 Boylston St.
Boston, Massachusetts  02215
Platinum Room Manager: Jeff Peck
Phone: 617-459-5067
Before joining the Guitar Center team, Jeff toured the world playing with the metal band, Bloodjinn. Growing up he always knew there was more out there than just his back yard or neighborhood, and was bound and determined to see what this world had to offer. And WOW, what a fantastic time it was. He saw and played in over 12 countries on 5 continents for a total of 1500+ shows. And even before that he ran live sound at a local venue in his hometown of Tallahassee, FL. Going on his fifth year at Guitar Center, it brings him great joy to be able to share those experiences and his 15+ years of guitar playing experience with all of you in pursuit of finding the right gear for any situation. From a "never have" to a "have been forever " musician, Jeff loves being involved in the process from start to finish. And when talking about gear, finding the "right one" often means finding an instrument that gives you a visceral reaction -- the indescribable if you will. Often times that "something special" cannot be defined or articulated, it just is. Being involved and helping in this process is what he loves most about this gig! It would be his pleasure to work with you on any of your musical gear needs - from home and pro recording studios, live sound/venue equipment, an at home guitar, a lifetime acoustic instrument, as well as anything a touring professional would require, he would love to be your guy for all of it.
Guitar Center: Brookfield
17135 W. Bluemound Road
Brookfield, Wisconsin  53005
Platinum Room Manager: Jason Hagberg
Phone: 262-825-7911
Jason Hagberg began his career at Guitar Center in Brookfield, WI in May of 2007. Within a few months he was the guitar department manager, a position he held until he left the company in January of 2012 to focus on writing, recording, and teaching music. By the end of 2012, he was back with his Guitar Center family, doing what he does best - helping people find the right gear. While his favorite electric guitars are PRS and favorite acoustics Taylors, Jason believes diversity (along with great customer service) is the key to his success at Guitar Center. The right guitar is different for every person depending on their playing styles and tendencies. Whether you're looking for an entry level guitar, or high end electric or acoustic, Jason has the experience and knowledge to help you find the right instrument. And if there's a question he can't answer, he's willing to spend some time to figure out the answer for you. Jason attended UW Oshkosh for music with an emphasis on the recording technologies. He has lived and breathed music his entire life, and he believes the idea that he's here to help other people make music.
Guitar Center: Carle Place
111 Old Country Road
Carle Place, New York  11514
Platinum Room Manager: Matthew Walbroehl
Phone: 516-350-7654
Matt Walbroehl has been with Guitar Center since 2007, helping everyone from the youngster getting a starter pack to the vet in search of the next new thing. Coming from a production and recording background, and having been a musician from a young age, he has a vast knowledge of musical equipment. After obtaining his degree in recording, he ran a studio for 6 years before starting work with Guitar Center. Here in the Platinum Room, he is able to apply his understanding of tone and product knowledge to find each musician the perfect piece for his or her needs.
Guitar Center: Chicago
2633 North Halsted
Chicago, Illinois  60614
773-248 2808
Platinum Room Manager: David Swick
Phone: 312-835-6328
Dave Swick first started working with musical instruments back in 1996 at a small guitar shop in Upstate New York where his passion for Vintage and Custom gear started. He moved to Chicago a few years later to pursue music in a budding scene. Dave worked for bands on the road as a Tour Manager/ Guitar Tech. That experience allowed him to travel the world, meet great people and see first-hand the” ins and outs” of the music industry which has gained him much knowledge and experience as a result. Dave knows all that is “Premium!”
Guitar Center: Cincinnati
640 Kemper Commons Circle
Cincinnati, Ohio  45246
Platinum Room Manager: Ron Lucas
Phone: 513- 214-8623
Ron Lucas began his Guitar Center career in 1998. A native of Cincinnati, he has been the area’s source for all things electric, from tube amps to anything with six strings, since the store’s grand opening. His expertise ranges from a vast knowledge of vintage guitars and amps to a detailed familiarity with contemporary builders like Paul Reed Smith. He is additionally an avid Gibson, Fender and Hamer fan, but almost anything with a maple top and a burst will catch his attention. Ron’s personal goal is to find the right piece of gear for every customer. Having been committed to this kind of musician to instrument matchmaking for more than a decade, he has developed long-lasting and trusting relationships throughout the Cincinnati metropolitan area and across the country. Some of you might know him as “GCRon” from the many guitar-oriented message board sites he contributes to. His deep technical knowledge combined with his superior customer service makes him an ideal Platinum Room manager.

Platinum Manager Picks At This Store
Guitar Center: Columbus
4661 Morse Centre Drive
Columbus, Ohio  43229
Platinum Room Manager: James Merriner
Phone: (614) 653-2533
Jimmy has been with Guitar Center since 2010. His enjoys working with people and all that is music. Jimmy feels strongly when it comes to assisting, cultivating and providing knowledge to all things music related. He maintains an unbiased perspective about each piece of gear and will find the right piece for you. He appreciates how personal finding the “one” really is and is tenacious enough to make it happen. He’s a great listener. If you are just starting or want to add to your collection, Jimmy is your expert. He is a veteran guitar player with 20 years of experience in playing & performing. He is always at the top of the ranker as it pertains to outstanding service and sales at Guitar Center Columbus.
Guitar Center: Concord
1280 Willow Pass Rd., Ste. A
Concord, California  94520
Platinum Room Manager: Sonny Saucedo
Phone: 925-979-8618
Sonny Saucedo has been playing guitar for 14 years. He has an impressive collection which includes some of his favorites, such as; his Fender Standard Stratocaster, Gibson SG Menace, BC Rich STIII and a custom built Japanese Acoustic. He joined the Guitar Center Concord team in October 2006 where he worked his way up from Assistant Manager to Platinum Room Manager. With his vast knowledge of stringed- instruments and his tenacious ways, Sonny is able to find “the special” instrument for his clients. In October of 2011, Sonny and his family were adorned with their first child. He promises to always provide for them and continues to share the dream of music with them and many others.
Guitar Center: Edina
3650 Hazelton Rd.
Edina, Minnesota  55435
Platinum Room Manager: Adam Grath
Phone: 952-715-1005
Adam Grath began his career with Guitar Center in 1999, and as much as almost any other associate, Adam has guitars and guitar playing in his DNA. He was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, just a few miles from the Parsons Street factory where his preferred electric guitar, the Gibson Les Paul, were being produced. He has gigged extensively across the Midwest and has also established strong credits as a stage manager and live audio engineer, having piloted a sound reinforcement company that worked with numerous national recording artists including SRV and BB King. He has even logged countless hours as a recording engineer. While literate in vintage instruments, his chief professional orientation as a retailer lies with Guitar Center’s current top-of-the-line vendors. He is expert in Gibson, but possesses fluency in numerous other brands, notably within the Taylor guitar line, his acoustic brand of choice. He hasn’t met many high-end Fenders he doesn’t like and he prides himself on selecting and recommending instruments that have that “something extra” some instruments seem to possess.

Platinum Manager Picks At This Store
Guitar Center: Englewood
9647 E. County Line Rd.
Englewood, Colorado  80112
Platinum Room Manager: Kenny McNamara
Phone: 303-483-3547
Ken McNamara “Kenny Mack” has been playing music for 35 years. He is an expert in all things guitars and amps related. Originally from the Twin Cities, now he, his wife and four children reside in “The Great White North.” Kenny Mack has been a part of the Guitar Center family for 14 years some say he is a “Jack of all trades.” He has been a tech, manufactured and has taught, but sales is what he is most passionate about. Kenny Mack is focused on getting you just what you need. If you are a professional musician or just beginning, he will make certain you get it. He is very diverse in the styles of music he plays and teaches. Kenny’s musical influences cross all genres: Kenny Segovia, Larry Carlton, Joe Satriani, Stevie Ray Vaughn “After 35 years of being a musician I have seen every situation and know that I can direct you in the right path to find your way in the musical world, so please feel free to ring me up or e-mail about any or all inquiries that you may have. I enjoy "Helping People Make Music."” – Kenny Mack

Platinum Manager Picks At This Store
Guitar Center: Hallandale
1101 W. Hallandale Beach Blvd.
Hallandale, Florida  33009
Platinum Room Manager: Eric Austin
Phone: (954) 290-2134
Miami native Eric Austin brought his passion for music to Guitar Center in October of 2010. His ambition and natural rapport with all types of customers helped him grow through the ranks of Department Manager and proudly take the helm of the Hallandale, FL Platinum Room in 2012. Eric's knowledge of instruments, tone, and craftsmanship makes him the trustworthy go-to person for all customers with discerning taste for Platinum and Vintage guitars, basses, amps and effects. As a well-respected vocalist and guitarist in the southeast, Eric has not only fronted his own band, he has also played alongside John Hammond Jr., opened for Joan Jett, and has toured extensively up and down the East Coast. After a long absence from South Florida, Eric is happy to be back in his hometown helping customers find "the one" with "the tone." Sharing the excitement of fine instruments to be played and or enjoyed is what Eric is all about. For novices and seasoned pros alike, Eric is a quality source for all the important musical additions.
Guitar Center: Hollywood
7425 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, California  90046
Platinum Room Manager: Allan Clarke
Phone: 714-504-8596
Allan Clarke is among the most knowledgeable guitar experts in the Guitar Center chain as well as the entire country. With more than two decades in musical instrument retail, there isn’t much in the world of guitars that Allan hasn’t seen. Stellar instruments that have graced the Hollywood GC walls in years past include a 1955 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top and a Brazilian rosewood Martin D-50. The classics aside, boutique is Allan’s true dojo. Driskill, Baker, Suhr, Tom Anderson, Collings, Olsen, acoustic or electric, if it is a limited edition fine instrument, Allan knows it well. Allan’s reverence for guitars is reflected in his philosophy of regarding fine instruments as "functional art." Says Allan, “Many modern and contemporary guitars are definitely works of art. Since these art forms also serve as musical instruments that are meant to be played, I think the phrase "functional art" is very appropriate.”

Platinum Manager Picks At This Store
Guitar Center: Houston
8390 Westheimer Road
Houston, Texas  77063
Platinum Room Manager: Jeff Mikel
Phone: 832-655-3063
Jeff Mikel joined Guitar Center in 1994, and by 1997 he was the company’s guitar trainer for the West Coast by virtue of both his deep guitar knowledge and excellent communication skills. In this capacity, he traveled extensively and interacted with store personnel, improving guitar associates’ knowledge, presentation and merchandising skills. After seven years as a successful General Manager of the Bakersfield, Calif. store, Jeff began to specialize in vintage acquisition and sales. From 2006 through 2009, Jeff attended dozens of guitar shows and assisted in expanding Guitar Center’s inventory of vintage and collectible instruments and amplifiers. His vintage knowledge rivals the industry’s best, and much of his business results from a vast library of contacts across Texas and the US for whom he, in his own words, “bird dogs” the world’s finest instruments for collectors and players whose tastes he knows well. His history with the company speaks for itself, and it behooves any serious player or collector of fine stringed instruments to become part of Jeff’s circle.

Platinum Manager Picks At This Store
Guitar Center: Las Vegas
6587 S. Las Vegas Blvd. STE B172
Las Vegas, Nevada  89119
Platinum Room Manager: Craig Morgan
Phone: (702) 450-2260
Craig Morgan began his career at Guitar Center in 2011. He's been playing guitar for over 30 years. Music and Gear quickly became a passion and a lifelong pursuit. Originally, from Atlanta, GA Craig studied speech communication at Georgia Southern University before moving to Athens, GA in 1992 to pursue a music career. After joining Guitar Center in 2011 he quickly became one of the top performers in the store. His passion and knowledge for high end gear and excellent customer service have helped him develop a loyal customer base. Sharing the excitement and experience of helping clients find the right gear is Craig's passion. High end Gibson, Fender Custom Shop and various boutique amps are just a few of Craig's area of expertise. Craig's goal is to assist his clients in finding the right equipment that will inspire them and others with the gift of music!
Guitar Center: Manchester
120-B Hale Rd.
Manchester, Connecticut  06040
Platinum Room Manager: Chris Oliphant
Phone: 860-819 5613
Chris Oliphant started with Guitar Center in 2001, moving through multiple promotions over the years from Guitar Department Manager, Assistant Store Manager, and finally Platinum Room Manager. Throughout his time at this location, he has been established as a trusted advocate of the local music scene. The local respect that Chris enjoys is an asset that can only be acquired through consistency and sustained integrity. Plus, Chris himself has also been an avid guitar collector and player for over 15 years. An aficionado in all things PRS, he has visited the factory numerous times and maintains a close relationship with Paul Reed Smith, as well as with many of the PRS luthiers. He is careful not to pigeonhole himself as a one-trick PRS pony, however, and is likewise an expert in Gibson and Fender USA Custom Shop guitars. His vintage knowledge is at a professional level as well, having completed an intensive vintage seminar with National Vintage Sales Manager Jack Hetherington. Chris additionally owns and operates a recording studio in Manchester that records a wide variety of projects, from hip-hop to rock to rhythm and blues and more. His personable nature, deep technical knowledge, and dedication to furtherance of the arts make Chris an asset to his local music community and to anyone who wishes to discover or enhance their guitar sound.

Platinum Manager Picks At This Store
Guitar Center: Manhattan
25 W. 14th Street
Manhattan, New York  10011
Platinum Room Manager: Robert Tennant
Phone: 917- 509-7397
Robb Tennant has been with Guitar Center since 2008, and has been playing music since he could make a sound. He grew up in a musical family, with his parents performing around Cincinnati, and there was always music in the house. He earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Composition from The University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, and he continues to write and perform in and around New York. Guitar has always been a big part of Robb's life, from the first chords his Dad showed him on his 1966 Martin D-18, to the lessons he currently teaches, and to the dream guitars he has the privilege of helping his customers find every day. The Manhattan store boasts the second largest selection of vintage guitars and amps of any store in the Guitar Center chain, and the mix of high-end stringed instruments in the Platinum Room, which he very much helped to curate, reflects his understanding of the breadth and variety that makes up the guitar marketplace of New York City.

Platinum Manager Picks At This Store
Guitar Center: Nashville
721 Thompson Lane
Nashville, Tennessee  37204
Platinum Room Manager: Tony Higbee
Phone: (615) 499-0432
Tony Higbee joined Guitar Center for the grand opening of the Nashville store in 2003, after spending a year with the Gibson guitar company. His time at Gibson, in conjunction with his lifelong love of Gibson instruments, has made him an expert in that area. The Nashville store also maintains a strong relationship with several boutique brands including Tom Anderson and James Trussant. In amps, Nashville is consistently among the top Bogner dealers in the chain. While Nashville remains the country music capitol of the world, Tony stresses that there is a vibrant scene for rock and other music styles as well. “All the major labels have offices here, and you can drive to Atlanta or New York in three hours, so Nashville is a logical place for any musician to live.” By virtue of its culture and traditions, Nashville is naturally a hotbed of vintage guitar and amplifier trading. Whatever your musical equipment preferences, Nashville is the place to satisfy them, and Tony is the man to help you.

Platinum Manager Picks At This Store
Guitar Center: North Dallas
4519 LBJ Freeway
Farmers Branch, Texas  75244
Platinum Room Manager: Robbie Gustin
Phone: 817-909-7045
Robbie Gustin’s career with Guitar Center began in 1997 in the Dallas/Forth location, gaining experience in numerous positions before taking on the role of Platinum Room Manager. The Farmers Branch location remains one of the most successful of Guitar Center’s Platinum Rooms, largely due to Robbie’s relentless approach to customer service. “If someone calls and says, ‘I saw this purple polka-dot, hippo-looking guitar on David Letterman last night,’ I’ll find one for him,” Robbie said. His passion is unrivalled when it comes to helping people find that one-of-a-kind, investment-grade instrument. Firmly established in his professional, family, and musical life in the area, Robbie can be counted on to be the go-to guy for upper-end musical equipment the Dallas/Fort Worth area for many years to come. He has been involved with many bands in the area and is currently enjoying success with his band, Supernova Remnant. Robbie plays Mesa Boogie, Gibson, Paul Reed Smith, Bogner and Orange.

Platinum Manager Picks At This Store
Guitar Center: North Portland
1147 Hayden Meadows Dr
Portland, Oregon  97217
Platinum Room Manager: Jason "Jayden" Brown
Phone: 971-313-3075
Jayden Brown’s saga began in 2009 at the Guitar Center in Clackamas, OR. He is an avid guitar player and has a love and passion for anything that pertains to guitars. He’s toured all over the United States and has decided to take on a new role as the Platinum Manager of our newest Platinum location, North Portland. He does have a special place in his heart for Gibson, Fender and Taylor, yet is well versed and does sway towards other premium brands he carries in his striking new Platinum room. “It’s not easy! The temptations are everywhere!” The knowledge he possesses is immeasurable! Jayden is your “go to” guy for anything and everything that is premium.
Guitar Center: Oklahoma City
2940 NW 59th Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  73112
Platinum Room Manager: Joe Sveum
Phone: 405-627-4499
Joe Sveum began his career with Guitar Center in 2005 as a guitar sales associate and quickly established himself as a leader in that role. While always committed to treating every customer with great care and respect, his lifelong passion for high-end guitars blossomed within the Guitar Center environment. He has established himself as a local authority on Gibson guitars, but additionally possesses a strong expertise in “pointy” guitars of the guitar hero era. He is a huge fan of ‘80s rock and Eddie Van Halen – if it has a Floyd Rose tremolo and carries a danger of poking your eye out, Joe is your go-to guy in Oklahoma City. He is an expert on vintage Jackson, Charvel, B.C. Rich and Ibanez guitars, and along with his own collection of custom shop Charvels, he plays a ’79 Gibson Les Paul Custom, usually through his Mesa Boogie MKV. When not at Guitar Center you can find Joe filling in with some of Oklahoma City’s best local bands.
Guitar Center: Orlando
12402 Orange Blossom Trail, Ste. 1
Orlando, Florida  32837
Platinum Room Manager: Marcus Crespilho
Phone: 407-702-9259
Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Marcus Crespilho has lived, loved, and breathed music for as long as he can remember. A veteran in music retail, Marcus worked for the first five years of his career at a boutique guitar shop specializing in high-end and custom shop instruments. Since Marcus began working with Guitar Center in Orlando in 2005, he has dedicated himself to building a high end, custom shop clientele and culture in the store. Part of the opening team in the Orlando store, Marcus prides himself in having helped thousands of customers find their own unique, cool, high-end, and custom shop "pride and joy" instruments. Marcus is also consistently one of the top Guitar Center salespeople in the nation. Being multilingual (English, Portuguese, Spanish, and some French) has helped Marcus give the best customer service regardless of the language being spoken. When he is not selling high-end instruments, you can find Marcus playing with his touring band Fire At Will. Marcus has trained with PRS Guitars, Gibson USA, Gibson Custom Shop and Fender, getting to see first-hand the skill and attention to detail put into each instrument and making him comfortable fielding even highly technical questions regarding the instruments he sells. His love for playing music and performing is just as great as his love for connecting each of his customers to that one special instrument.
Guitar Center: Phoenix
2750 West Peoria St.
Phoenix, Arizona  85029
Platinum Room Manager: David Weaver
Phone: (602) 320-5387
David Weaver has been with Guitar Center since 2010. He is a top performing sales professional and has a passion for all guitars and amp brands. He spends a lot of his time researching new and vintage instruments, and the history of how they came about. David understands how personal buying a guitar can be and is willing to take the time and care that goes along with each purchase. His top priority is to ensure all of his clients are extremely happy with their new instrument.

Platinum Manager Picks At This Store
Guitar Center: Rockville
12401 Twinbrook Parkway
Rockville, Maryland  20852
Platinum Room Manager: Robert Peters
Phone: 301-609-2275
Robert Peters joined Guitar Center in 2010, quickly establishing himself as the one to see for high-end and boutique gear. A natural fit for the Platinum Room Manager position, he worked his way through the ranks as Guitar Department Manager and Assistant Store Manager before taking the helm of the Rockville location’s Platinum Room in 2012. Robert is also an accomplished guitarist himself, starting out at seven years old. Playing guitar for most of his life, he has regularly been involved with bands around the Washington D.C. area, currently being seen as lead guitar in Black Dog Prowl. With his passion for both music and the gear that makes it, Robert makes the Platinum Room at Guitar Center Rockville into the D.C. area’s foremost authority on Vintage and Platinum guitars and amplifiers.

Platinum Manager Picks At This Store
Guitar Center: Sacramento
2120 Alta Arden Expressway
Sacramento, California  95825
Platinum Room Manager: Mike Parisi
Phone: 916-207-8147
Joining the Sacramento store in 2006, Mike Parisi managed both Accessories and Guitar departments before he was promoted to Platinum Manager. Mike possesses extensive knowledge about American music; he is extremely passionate about high end and vintage stringed instruments. Mike has a strong work ethic and drive for superior customer service and experience. He is also a well-known drummer and an active working musician in the Sacramento area for the last 25 years.
Guitar Center: San Francisco
1645 Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco, California  94109
Platinum Room Manager: Bill Phillips
Phone: 415-500-5797
As a native to San Francisco, music has always been an important part of Bill Phillip’s life. With the support of his parents, he started playing guitar when he was 13 years old. After a couple years they bought him his first “nice” guitar – a Fender American Strat Plus from Guitar Center. Shortly afterward, his high school band was opening up for the Stray Cats at The Stone on Broadway Street. Since then he has continued to follow his passion for music. While on his journey, Bill has played and recorded in many groups from rock to jazz to classical to world music and also obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in classical guitar at Humboldt State University. Bill is excited to be the Guitar Center Platinum Room Manager in his hometown of San Francisco and states, “This city is truly a special place with such beauty and diversity and our store on Van Ness Avenue is a reflection of that. It is an honor to work with so many talented people and to serve customers from all over the world.” Whether you're a professional musician, first time guitar buyer or collector, Bill is proud to offer you one of the largest and greatest collections of Platinum and Vintage guitars in the world.
Guitar Center: San Jose
3677 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Santa Clara, California  95051
Platinum Room Manager: Scott Wallrapp
Phone: 408-220-3353
Scott Wallrapp has been playing guitar since he was 10 years old. Taking his first professional gig as a company bassist for a long running Broadway musical, he later went on to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston. His experience includes time as a studio owner in NYC, where he also played guitar, did music production work, and wrote and performed on movie soundtracks. Scott’s direct musical influences are many, some known, some unknown, and all have inspired him to be a better player. Some of his favorites are Buddy Holly, Waylon Jennings, George Jones, both Elvises, Ramones, NY Dolls, Jellyfish, Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, T-Bone Walker, Peter Green, John Coltrane, Bob Dylan, Warren Zevon, as well as all the great piano players. Scott enjoys playing anything with strings, but has two Fender Stratocaster guitars as his main go-to instruments.
Guitar Center: Seattle
530 Westlake Ave.
Seattle, Washington  98109
Platinum Room Manager: Michael Beens
Phone: 206-962-9160
Michael Beens began his Guitar Center career in 2008, a journey that led him through five stores in three states before taking the helm of Seattle’s Platinum Room. Beens passion for music started young, as he received his first electric guitar at age 11. Michael has played all different genres of music over the years, starting in punk and metal bands, with a temporary foray into the pop scene, and is now playing lead guitar for a folk/alternative country band, which he calls "drinking music." A passionate aficionado for all things Martin and Gibson, Michael also has an especially soft spot in his heart for beat up Teles and weird old amps. "It's cool if you walk in wanting a D28, but if you're a singer with a softer voice, I'm going to put a D35 in your hands.” Michaels says as he speaks to the great pride he takes in getting the right gear into a client’s hands, “We've got to find the one that sings right back to you. That's my job."
Guitar Center: Sherman Oaks
14209 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, California  91423
Platinum Room Manager: Jourdan Jaacovi
Phone: 818-665-5498
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jourdan Jaacovi has surrounded himself with guitars since age 10. From custom built Fender Stratocasters to modified Les Pauls, Jourdan knows the ins and outs of these most sacred electric guitars. He joined the Guitar Center family in early 2009 and has never looked back. Rising through the ranks, he has become one of the foremost authorities on what’s hot in the electric guitar world. The Tele, Strat, and Les Paul are some models that are his specialty, but his love of guitars and tube amplifiers has brought his attention to all high-quality makes and models. As Platinum Manager in Sherman Oaks, California, he brings his expertise and love of these amazing guitars and amps to the artists, collectors and players of this magical city.
Guitar Center: Southfield
29555 Northwestern Hwy.
Southfield, Michigan  48034
Platinum Room Manager: Scott Dailey
Phone: 248-354-8075
Scott Dailey has been with Guitar Center since 2002. He loves music, musicians, guitars and his work. Warm and engaging, Scott gives his customers the best of both worlds with a passion for the finest high-end new guitars as well as vintage guitars like the ones he has collected over the years. Scott is also an excellent and well-known guitarist, songwriter and vocalist, performing in Nashville, Toronto, New York City, Chicago, London, and Italy. A lifelong guitarist and huge music aficionado, Scott is currently in a popular Detroit band with Carolyn Striho. Scott’s enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for guitars and people continue to delight customers from the very beginner to the pro player. A brilliant, positive artist, Scott Dailey continues to shine at Guitar Center as a musician, fan and guitar collector, year after year, and continues to garner a growing base of friends, fans, and customers.
Guitar Center: Totowa
1 Rte 46 West, Suite #7
Totowa, New Jersey  07512
Platinum Room Manager: Ken Ackerman
Phone: 201-509-0553
Ken Ackerman began his career at Guitar Center in 2002. Over the past 11 years, Ken has worked at the Paramus and Totowa locations, and has held the positions of Accessories Manager, Guitar Manager, Assistant Store Manager, and now Platinum Manager. Ken has a passion for music, and he prides himself in helping others find the right instrument that inspires them. Ken has a vast knowledge on all things guitar related. He has a particular love for Fender and Musicman guitars, having owned several of each. Ken has received on site training at the PRS and Gibson factories, and is always working to improve his knowledge of guitars. You can also find Ken playing in his acoustic band, Not Triplets, in bars throughout North Jersey.
Guitar Center: Towson
1524 E. Joppa Rd.
Towson, Maryland  21286
Platinum Room Manager: Ryan Fowler
Phone: 410-821-5200
A veteran in the music industry, Ryan has been selling high-end instruments for more than a decade. He has established himself as the "go-to" guy among both professional players and collectors in the greater Baltimore area and has a reputation for his in-depth knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile for his clients. He has owned many vintage and boutique guitars, amplifiers, and effect pedals over the years, and this hands-on personal experience allows him to help his clients find the perfect instrument time and time again. Ryan is endorsed by Paul Reed Smith guitars and can be seen playing up and down the east coast with "The Kelly Bell Band" at any of their 150-plus shows a year.

Platinum Manager Picks At This Store
Guitar Center: West LA
10831 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, California  90064
Platinum Room Manager: Travis Taherkhani
Phone: 310-780-7750

Travis has been with Guitar Center since 2006. Known as the go to guy for high end guitars, he was an integral part of the birth of the Hollywood Platinum scene. Travis has been playing guitar for 13 years. He loves how such a deceivingly simple object can transfer so much emotion and be such a cultural driving force of our times.