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Gibson Les Paul Standard Quilt Top Regal Purple
Retail: $4,799.00
Pioneered and developed with the assistance of pioneering jazz-pop guitarist Les Paul--one of the world's greatest musical and technological pioneers--the Gibson Les Paul has become the standard by which all electric guitars are judged. With fat, rich tone and incredible sustain, the Les Paul guitar lends itself to every style and generation of music. From the sweetest jazz to the heaviest rock and metal, the Les Paul is a guitar that can do it all--it is one of the most powerful and versatile instruments of all time.

Gibson now introduces a run of fantastic Les Paul Standard Quilt tops that are eye poppingly beautiful and loaded with Burstbuckers 1 & 2 that feature push pull volume pots for coil splitting.

Serial Number: 125910660
Item Id: 107247371 See All Of This Item
Weight: 8 lb 3 oz